Karpedo Kahramanmaraş Dondurması – KURUMSAL
 In The Real Taste Of Kahramanmaraş Ice Cream
English Türkçe Karpedo/Margido is Registered Mark


Karpedo ice-cream, starting production in 2005, sets off in order to make Turkey and the world taste the unique flavour of Kahramanmaraş ice-cream.

Ice cream masters with years of experienceproduce this flovour for you in the highest qoality and the most naturally, with salep and goat milk grown in the mountain Ahir, with modern production techniques in integrated olants with EU standards.


Our goal is to perform high quality, healthy and delicious ice cream productions.

Within this context , daily received milks are analyzed in a lab environment our company, which is enabled with milk tracking system.Milk which meets our standarts, is rested in storage, and pasteurized with modern techniques and met with sahlep ,grown in our area, are offered to our customers.

Precision in production stage and using advanced technological facilities,made our ice cream delicious, healthy and tasty and offers us the opportunity to ensure the continuity.



Production capacity

Our facility has a production capacity of 45 tons daily of Kahramanmaras ice –cream besides 17 kind of fruit- flavored ice-cream.

Our organization of production and execution of marketing strategy has adopted the principle of quality rather than on price.